Jun 21

Backyard Fraternity Pool Games Gone Wild

>>>Watch More From This Amateur Hazing Video Here<<<

Today I have for you some new pictures from the newest video to be submitted on the HazeHim site. In the back yard of a fraternity house the guys create a makeshift in ground pool for their yearly hazing rituals. The young freshman pledges are blindfolded and told they have to play some naked water games. Their then warned that the loser will have to do some very gay things to the winner. The modivation to be the winner is high but every game has it’s loser. When the games are over is when things get very good, at least for us watching the action. The losing pledge learns that he has to suck the cock of the winner and even pay the ultimate price by get ass fucked by the senior fraternity brother. As if that isn’t enough humiliation, this all has to be done in front of the all the other guys right their by the pool. These gay frat rituals maybe embarrassing for the pledges but I can’t get enough of watching the amateur action from these videos.

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  1. william waiamau

    i like to say some thing is very sick as well as wrong of a fraternity who called themselves brother are not really brother my reason that i’m saying that is because you say that you guy want to build on friendship with your pledged by tricking them by playing dirty game’s that you as a fraternity thinking is fun but just think how your pledged think of you as they fraternity brother who was to treat and respcet you i feel every thing you guy’s are doing is causing your pledged freshman men’s huring you or more would like to pay you guy’s back in return by doing the same thing back plus having you kill for what you guy’s started doing to your pledged this is not all fun and game’s to be play with your pledged who trying to getting your called fraternity because your stupid game’s of hazing your pledged

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