Jul 23

Bisexual Pledge Boy Gets Fucked During His Hazing

New young pledge boys always have it rough when joining a new fraternity. In this new round of pledge hazings it’s a beefy muscle dude that gets the short end of the stick (or dick I should say).

The new frats are told they have to get their pledge books signed and maybe asked to do some unusual things to earn the signatures. For one their made to perform naked exercise tasks such as ball bouncing jumping jacks and sit-ups where they come face to face with their brothers dicks.

One new pledge in particular was singled out to take the most sexual abuse from the frat brothers because he was bisexual. This dude is made to sucks so hard dicks and then one brother gets to fuck his tight little asshole. All the fraternity guys as watching as he sits down impaling himself on that big cock. This boy takes that cock like a real champ and truly earns that last signature!


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