Feb 01

Late Night Dorm Raid Gets Very Gay

Watch More From This Late Night Dorm Raid Here

This week’s HazeHim submission video is pretty exciting. The frat brothers pulled their pledges from their dorm rooms while they slept and had them march through the central hallway naked. They also had them play tug of war with their cocks. On top of that they played their version of anal ring toss. These pledges had no idea what was cumming to them. Humiliated and broken, they had to face their greatest challenge of the night which was to suck off the brothers while getting pounded and recorded. These pledges will do whatever it takes to get in..

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1 comment

  1. william waiamau

    i like to say some thing that is very bad of a fucking ffraternity brother wake up a pledged young men out of bed and fucking do they dirty games by getting the young men to sucking they fucking dick and put it up the young men ass to me that called for jail time for a fucking long time coming if it was me i like to see this fraternity brothers serveing time in prison to see themselves getting fuck up they own ass by and inmate fucking the hell out of this fraternity brothers to see what it is like to taking some one else cock up your own ass

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