Mar 05

Gay Chicken Between Old Buds

>>See the full video of these two straight guys in action here<<

Reef & Jace show up at the shoot, these two old co-workers hadn’t seen each other in years. The tension leads to a super hot Gay Chicken match!  The first round is a big wet sloppy kiss. Nothing like that to rekindle an old friendship! Next they jerk each other until they each get hard. During the blow job round, it looks like one of these guys might have actually done this before. Next we have a little 69 action. It looks like the cum is getting mighty close now. Jace first gets Reef off ending with a huge cum explosion, and then Reef returns the favor until Jace is covered with cum.

Mar 01

Wavy Haired Young Stud

I normally don’t use the word “dreamy” but I’ll use it to describe Buddy Davis. Wavy tousled hair, a perfectly sculpted body, and those eyes! Of course it doesn’t hurt that he’s got a tight beefy ass a a damn nice cock. When he told me he had no problems getting down and dirty in front of a camera it was a done deal – he was on the next flight to LA. If you’re looking for a classic all American stud then check this kid out.

Feb 27

Giovanni's Get A HandJob

From BoyGusher: I was online checking out the local dating scene when I met Giovanni. The picture he had online showed a cute twink with dark hair and a nice toned body. I started talking to him and I had a blast playing around, but then this cute twink tells me that he hasn’t had much experience in the art of love or sex. I couldn’t let that go. I am such a prick tease, I told him to come over and see me I had a thick cocksicle that would melt in his mouth not in his hand. I honestly think I scared him, but he had put his foot in his mouth and agreed to come over and see me.

When he got there he looked terrified and I told him to come in and relax, we wouldn’t do anything he didn’t want to do in fact, this time I’d do all the work. All he had to do is sit back and enjoy. He looked nervous, but after I had run my hand across his chest and gently stroked his nipples through the material he let me slowly peel off his shirt as I touched him. He even had a small smile as I put my hand into his pants and began to play with his cock inside his underwear. I took my time playing with his dick and he began to chew on his lip as the pleasure intensified and his dick got harder. I continued to play with his cock, and it made a nice outline in his underwear. He was rock hard before I was done and sliding his undies down his legs. I grabbed that naked cock and stroked it while I fondled his balls. I could tell he was getting excited from his moans that he tried to keep inside. I knew he loved this and that made it even better.

When he lay down again he really got excited as I began to jerk his cock harder while I pinched his nipples. I knew he wanted to blow a heavy load and I began to stroke him and touch him in a variety of ways as he tried not to moan, but he couldn’t stop himself. He exploded that load of hot jizz in a burst of oh god’s and oh’s and he left a wet messy goo load on his stomach when I was finished. I think that you can find hot twink Giovanni online flirting now more than ever now.

Feb 26

welcome post

Welcome to my new blog where I hope to post images and videos of amateur fraternity boys. So if you like looking at naked college aged men as much as I do please check back weekly for new additions to my blog.

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