Mar 04

Straight 19 Year Old Gets His First Gay Blowjob!


19 year old hottie Vadim expressed an interest in trying things with a guy during his debut solo last week and now he’s back to follow through. Paul a lean young stud with a appetite for big cocks is just the guy to break in this newbie to gay sex. Now Vadim is intrigued about Paul going down on him, but isn’t keen on doing the same.”If you’re going to suck it, suck it,” Paul jokes. “So you’re not curious about sucking a dick,” the cameraman asks Vadim. “Not yet,” the newbie responds. “I haven’t thought about that yet.” At the moment, the boy is more intrigued about how a guy’s mouth feels.

The two strip and show off their backsides. “He has an American butt,” Vadim notes about Paul’s booty. Paul is tired of all the talking. “Why don’t we just get started,” he says. With that, he leans in and gives Vadim a romantic smooch. The newbie returns the kisses. Paul nibbles on the boy’s neck, then kisses his way down to the meat. After a few sucks, Vadim is convinced of what a man can do. “Feels good,” he whispers.

Paul continues slurping this boys love stick. “Oh, suck that,” Vadim moans. Paul picks up the blowing pace, his throat filled full of spit and pre-cum. His tongue goes up and down the shaft and pink head. Poor Vadim. He’s so ready to pop a load. Paul jerks the newbie’s meat and slurps the sweet tasting jizz. “Oh, my god,” Vadim groans. “You’re so fucking good.” Someone is in love! LOL! After swallowing this teen boy’s milky load, Paul jerks his own sausage as Vadim rubs his hands all over his smooth lean body.


Feb 26

New Frat Bitch Boy Gets Passed Around


Stiffer lost a bet on the game. Instead of paying the debt himself he served up Chris, the official frat bitch. His tight little ass was passed around the house for a couple hours. The drunker we got, the harder we pounded. A couple dudes busted a nut in his mouth while stiffer filled up his ass hole.


Feb 12

Sexy College Boy Loves Being Watched!


The first time this hot 19 year old college boy had sex, he was on a hotel balcony and there were people watching. So, I think we know he’ll fit in perfectly here at CF!

Ellis most definitely doesn’t mind having an audience – in fact, he quite likes it. That a guy this hot, with such a hot body, thoroughly enjoys having people watching him is quite the treat, and hearing Ellis tell us what an exhibitionist he is obviously got my imagination running.

Of course, getting off on people watching isn’t enough in and of itself, but Ellis has a huge sex drive and is always horny as well. He jerks off every morning in the shower, starting each day off with some quality “me time”. Another routine he has is working out, and he pays extra attention to his arms and abs when he does it. I think we’ll all agree the results of that dedication show and look great, and I also think we can all agree this young stud with his high sex drive and exhibitionist streak is a welcome addition to CF!


Feb 06

Teenage Hunk Shows Off His Amazing Naked Body


One of the hottest hunks I have watched online in months. That is how I would describe 19 year old Chris Kohler. This teenage hunk has a flawless fit body with a nice big cock that he is not shy about sharing with us on camera. He maybe new to the whole gay porn thing but this boy is a natural as he teases us with his ripped naked teen body!


Jan 10

College Boy Straddles His First Cock


Zaden and Tory seem to hit it off pretty well, and that chemistry definitely transfers to the bed as Zaden goes down on Tory, sucking his dick and making it grow. Tory is clearly enjoying the feeling of Zaden’s mouth on his cock as Tory fingers his own asshole while Zaden licks up and down his shaft. It’s not long before Zaden is gets some attention as Tory takes his dick in his mouth, pulling Zaden’s huge cock in and out, getting it nice and wet.

Zaden’s ready for more, though, and he slips on a condom as Tory gets them each lubed up for action. Tory climbs on top of Zaden and carefully shoves Zaden’s massive dick into his tight ass, going slow so that he can adjust to Zaden’s size…since this is the most dick that Tory’s ever taken! He rides Zaden’s cock, bouncing up and down on it before changing positions a bit to get a little deeper!

As he straddles Zaden, Tory shoves Zaden’s throbbing dick deep inside, taking that huge cock like a pro! Next, Tory lays back on the bed and Zaden stands next to him, fucking him from behind, going in and out nice and slow and making Tory come all over! Zaden’s ready for release, too, as he pulls out and shoots his white hot load across Tory’s chest!


Dec 05

Cock Hungry Frat Kid Takes A Butt Pounding


Andrew was up partying for days, and towards the end of his binge, in the early morning, he was hungry for cock. Five frat boys started on him. Pounding this piece of meat until he screamed for us to stop, then one dude covered his mouth and told the bitch to ‘shut the fuck up!’ He rode all our dicks for hours, before we dropped our loads into the bitches cum hole.


Nov 05

Hot College Swimmer Twink Jerks His Big Dick

Dylan - College Dudes

Dylan likes to keep life simple and enjoys reading and swimming…and jerking off! This guy is too busy to get much action, but luckily he takes some time out of his busy schedule to put on a solo show for us! He strips and shows us his lean body then climbs onto the bed, kneeling and beginning to stroke his uncut cock until he gets it good and hard. He continues to work his big cock, running his hand along his shaft as he closes his eyes in pleasure. Next he lies down on the bed, spreading his legs and showing off that ass as he rubs his dick from behind. He runs his hand over his ass, spreading his firm cheeks as he continues to jerk his big cock. He flips over, laying on his back and working his cock, playing with his balls as he gets closer to orgasm. He plays with himself, rubbing his dick faster and faster until he shoots his hot load all over!

Dylan - College Dudes

Oct 22

Horny Frat Freshmen Takes On Multiple cocks


Tales fro a frat boy gang bang. Eight of us got stoned sat around and waited for frat freshmen Sean to get on his knees and start sucking dick. This kid sucked a dick like no other wrapping his lips around all those cocks before bending over to be the official frat bitch. Each of the horny straight frat guys took a turn fucking that gay boy ass. Sean loved every inch of all those long cocks and even allow them all to dump their loads in his raw ass hole.

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Oct 08

Athletic College Boy Jerks His Fat Cock


Dustin is the type of sweet loveable jock you just want to cuddle and fuck all day long. This sex athletic college boy is flawless in his beauty and with a nice fat cock this kid has it all. After modeling shirtless outside Dustin strips down naked inside and we are treated to all of his gorgeous nude physique. This cute college twink gets pretty intense while jerking his thick cock and after some wrist work he gushes out a nice large cum shot for us.
dustin_sc2 dustin_sc3 dustin_sc4 dustin_sc5 dustin_sc6

Oct 04

Cock Hungry Gay College Boys Flip-Flip Fuck


This sizzling scene begins with a hot make out session and these two can’t wait to get started. They grab each other’s junk as they exchange some deep kisses, getting one another worked up and rock hard. Finally their boxers come off and we get a peek at their big cocks, ready for action after their delicious make out session. Ryan Powell goes down on Ian Dempsey first, eager to feel that big cock down this throat as Ian runs his hand through Ryan’s hair. Ryan takes his time with Ian, kissing his way up and down Ian’s long shaft and savoring his delectable taste. Ian can’t seem to get enough of Ryan’s wet mouth on his dick as he closes his eyes in ecstasy. But Ryan’s in for a treat as well as the two switch positions and Ian gets on his knees, taking Ryan’s big cock in his mouth. He deepthroats Ryan’s dick and works it with his hand, making sure not to neglect any part of Ryan as he takes his balls in his mouth as well. These two are definitely enjoying themselves, but the fun has just started as Ian lubes up his giant cock and slides it into Ryan’s tight little ass. Ian goes slowly at first, giving Ryan time to adjust to his length and girth before picking up the pace. Ryan is enjoying his position as bottom while Ian continues to pump him full of his big dick. These two keep things hot as Ian leans forward and kisses Ryan while he continues to fuck him before switching positions, with Ian on bottom now. Ryan fucks Ian doggy style, pounding him faster as Ian plays with his own cock. Ian gets on his back and Ryan doesn’t hesitate to stick his dick inside Ian’s tight ass, fucking him nice and deep as Ian works his own cock with his hand. They both kick it up a notch and Ian gets himself off, shooting his load while Ryan continues to fuck him. Ryan pulls out and cums all over Ian…these two make one hot pair!


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