Nov 30

College Dudes Rock Their Dorm Bunk Bed

Today I’m happy to share with you the return of a adorable college boy named Hunter Page. In this all new scene supper sexy twink Hunter Page is paired up with James Lee. James has only bottomed on camera one other time but one look at Hunter and he was ready to give it up once again.

This exciting gay sex scene begins with Hunter going down on James on their college dorm bunk bed. James is loving the feel of Hunter’s plump wet lips sliding up and down his long hard dick. After a passionate kiss James swaps positions with Hunter and reciprocates the amazing BJ he just received.

Soon all that deep-throating has these horny boys ready for more and James leans over against the bunks to let Hunter slide his cock inside his tight hole. Standing at the side of the bunks Hunter pounds his huge dick deep inside James. The passion between these two sexy boys is palpable as the continually lock lips while fucking.

The ass pounding this gay twink gives to James continues as he lays down on his back with his feet high in the air. Now face to face in the missionary position there fucking becomes even more intensified. Before long all that incessant ass fucking does the trick and James blasts out a tremendous cumshot.

Hunter is soon to follow and withdrawals his dick just in time to gushes out his own creamy load. The chemistry between these two college students is so hot and intense you have to see it to believe it!

Nov 27

Frat Stud Awakes To A Warm Wet Blowjob

Just imagine being woken in the morning by a horny frat stud like Braden. Johan is sleeping naked at the FratPad once again and Braden just can’t help but take advantage of the opportunity by having himself a little morning snack. The feel of a warm hand on his dick has Johan now wide awake sporting a nice hard boner which Braden quickly swallows up.

After receiving his morning blowjob from the adorable frat boy Braden these young men jerk off their dick side-by-side until they both jack out two fantastic cum shots which leave their tone hard abs creamed in cum.


Nov 17

Jake Drains Two New Frat Dudes

Jake is the go to guy in this fraternity if you need to have your balls drained. He’s always up to the task and today is no exception. With all his frat brothers gathered around to capture the action on their cameras Jake takes on two newcomers. They soon learn why Jake is such a popular boy in this fraternity after they experience his amazing dick sucking skills. After that Jake shows them how great of a submissive bottom boy he can be as they fuck him from both ends.


Nov 04

Twink and Jock School Bud Flip-Flop Fuck

The sexual heating flirting between book nerd Jacques and the campus jock Matthew continues after class in the bedroom. This horny twink can hardly wait a moment more to have his lips wrapped around this muscle boys big stiff manhood. Jacques immediately yanks down Matthew’s jeans and stuffed his mouth with delicious uncut cock.

After tasting ever inch of that dong the boys then 69 each other so they both can enjoy the taste of cock. Both boys are quite hung which makes this 69 action all the more hot! Soon Jacques wants more and bends over in bed all but begging to be fucked.

Matthew is more then happy to take up this twinks offer and slides his long erect shaft deep inside him. Their slow steady pace soon turns more frantic As Jacques becomes more adjusted to that thick dick inside him. Next it was this jocks turn to take one for the team and he lifts his legs in the missionary position to let Jacques LeCocque drive that big twink dick into his tight ass.

All that fucking in this flip flop gay sex scene soon brings them both to a cum gushing climax that shouldn’t be missed! Enjoy!

Oct 18

Blond Boy Takes A Fat College Cock

Jocks always get the girl but sometimes they get the boy also! After a wild drunken party campus jock Will Parks takes home a cute blond twink named Kyle Ross for a little fun. The door is not even closed yet before Kyle has Will’s pants pulled down as he devours that fat college cock.

Will gives this twink every inch of his dick as he face fucks him deep and hard, shoving his throbbing manhood to the back of this gay boys throat. Soon Kyle wants this jocks manhood in his ass and he climbs up into his muscular arms and lowers himself down onto that thick pole. This bottom boy takes a hard fucking all around the room in several sex positions before they both erupt with spectacular cum shots!


Oct 08

SeanCody – Muscle Boy Dillon

Dillon has got all the looks of a sexy frat jock but he describes himself as more of a nerd. He is 24 with a super sexy muscular body what his totally ripped and tanned. Beginning on the beach this 24 year old hunk shows off his body wearing stripped board shorts.

After his photo shoot on the beach Dillon heads inside for a quick suds up in the shower where we get to admire his beautiful nude body. After he finishes his shower scene he makes his way butt naked into the living room for a amazing dick jerking session. Dillon delivers an amazing solo performance while pumping his big throbbing shaft.


Oct 02

Straight Boy Gives Himself A Cum Facial

I can’t think of anything to not like about this hot young newcomer Dan. This straight boy has a cute boyish face and a magnificent body that is tone and flawless. Starting off his debut solo Dan describes sex he had with his girlfriend and it has him hard in seconds.

Once naked Dan is eager to give some attention to his fat cock and begins stroking it vigorously. He then gets into bed where as directed by the cameraman Dan lays on his stomach to show off his hairy little ass for us. Sometimes straight boys are shy about showing their butts but Dan didn’t seem to have any issues and even pulled his cock down between his thighs and started jerking it between his legs.

Once he was turned back over this young hottie began teasing the fat head of his dick with his fingers which seemed to turn him on even more (I know it did me). From there it wasn’t long before he was breathy heavy and his toes began to curl as he neared a climax. Sure enough our lad shot out a blast of cum that fired up all the way to his face, nearly hitting his eye. Dan wiped off the cum from his face and looked a bit surprised that he just gave himself a cum facial!


Sep 23

Fratmen Kenny Coerced Into Gay Sex

Today I have a little flash back scene to share with you from the first duo posted on Fratmen Sucks. Since this video there has sure been some impressive videos from the site but this will always be a fav of mine. Of course what’s not to like about a scene that begins with a not so innocent steamy shower and ends in a creamy cum feast.

It sometimes takes a bit of persuading to get straight guys into a gay sex scene but from what I have see they usually end of loving it. That’s just what happens in this scene when Kenny is told he was just going to be sharing a shower with Tommy. It sure didn’t take long for Tommy to make is move and after a bit of hesitation he soon had his hands all over Kenny’s hard athletic body.

After their shower, Tommy always looking to help a guy out, helps Kenny towel off his fantastic muscular body while paying particular attention to that smooth round ass. Tommy doesn’t even ask and immediately drops to his knees to service this hunky straight dudes stiff dick. Kenny puts up no resistant and after enjoying his blowjob they both end up in bed side-by-side jerking intensely till they both erupt in jizz.


Sep 12

Athletic Hard Bodied Teen Wanks His Big Dick

Wouldn’t you love to crawl all over this newcomer dark sexy athletic body? I know I sure would in a heartbeat! He comes from the deep south and eighteen year old handsome jock is the complete package.

Parker’s strapping muscular physique is comes from his love of sports and the outdoors. It didn’t take this teen boy long to get naked and begin his dick jacking video. After giving us a head to toe tour of his nude body Parker sits on the chair and gets to work giving us a erotic solo.

As he wanks his long cock Parker hicks up his leg and gives us a peak at that pink asshole. His young body ripples with muscle as he slides his fist up and down his long pole. His little jerk session gets pretty intense as he nears his orgasm. Finally our muscle boy gushes a nice big wad of jizz out all over those tone tanned abs!

Sep 12

Horny Boys Down Each Others Big Dicks

Today I have some hot video preview captures to share with you from (I’ve Never Done This Before #07). Featuring two delicious horny boys who let their hormones get the better of them and end up sucking and fucking their way to an orgasm. Maybe they haven’t done this type of thing before but these slim sexy boys sure know how to pleasure each other in this hardcore gay porn video.

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