Jun 07

A Latino Frat Dude Gets Naked On His Camera Phone

Fratmen Kobe Shows His Throbbing Cock
Fratmen Kobe stuns us yet again! This time he takes us on a behind the scenes journey through his everyday life. This fine Latino knows exactly how to capture the right angles that accentuate his beautifully sculpted body, right down to his throbbing cock. Kobe entices us in the bathroom with some foreplay which leads to a hot steamy load on his bare naked stomach. After teasing us a little more, he takes us to his dimly lit bedroom where the real fun begins!

Fratmen Kobe Naked Self Pics

May 31

Beefy Teen Jock Jerks Himself To A Creamy Finish


This built football jock just turned 18 and is ready to share is young naked body with us while he jerks out a load. Turns out Alex was years ahead of his young and his confidence was so very hot. He’s a high school football star with a stocky and very smooth body on him.

Alex is very athletic and is even bulking up for a body building competition. That may explain his unshakable confidence as he shares his naked body with us. This boy strokes is fat cock until he reaches his apex and gushes out a nice creamy load all over those young beefy abs!


alex18-03 alex18-04 alex18-05


May 31

Punishment Has It’s Rewards

Jansen got really drunk last weekend and started talking shit about some of the seniors. So Andy grabbed him by his pretty blond hair and dragged him off the sofa. Some of the guys held him down while Andy shaved his head, then put his hot tight ass on the bench press and prepared it for a good fucking. Sucking and licking the hole, till it was all wet and warm inside. It was ready for a hard fucking. Andy’s big fat cock fucked that bad attitude right out of him. Then Morgan’s long beautiful piece of meat took its turn. Hopefully Jansen learned his lesson.








May 16

Cute Country Boy Explores His Virgin Ass

Daniel’s the typical cute straight country boy who’s hobbies include everything from working on his truck and looking for girls. Needing the extra cash has brought him to Broke Straight Boys to jerk it in his first time porn solo. This cute 20 year old was pretty at ease as he dropped his cloths and appeared naked for the first time in front of the camera.

As this straight boy began jerking his nice sized cock all it took was a compliment from the cameraman on how cute his ass was for him to spread his cheeks for us. Daniel did hesitate a bit when asked to finger his hole but once he got that finger worked in that tight hairy ass there was no stopping this boy.

Daniel finished himself off by finger fucking himself while jerking to a cum gushing climax! This is one solo you won’t want to miss seeing for yourself! NOW DANIEL WORK HIS TIGHT STRAIGHT BOY HOLE HERE

daniel_fingerfucked-1 daniel_fingerfucked-2 daniel_fingerfucked-3 daniel_fingerfucked-4 daniel_fingerfucked-5 daniel_fingerfucked-6

May 11

Exhibitionest Frat Boy Deputs In First Porn


Jeremy is a 20 y/o frat boy who was determined to break out of his shell. Having lost his virginity only a few months ago, he watched his first porn video around the same time and thought, “Hey, I could do that!” So, out of the blue he got in touch saying he wanted to give it a try.

He was fairly self-conscious about his body hair from the waist down; Jeremy’s got some pretty hairy legs and a forest of furriness on his ass. He even asked if he should shave before his shoot. “NO, DON’T!” I practically shouted. And, thankfully, he hid his razor.

Jeremy was somewhat subdued once the cameras started rolling, but slowly eased into the idea of showing off. It was obvious that he was turned on by the whole process, though, since his cock was already half hard when he took his pants off and it stood at full attention the whole time once he started stroking.

And if that wasn’t enough evidence of Jeremy’s secret exhibitionism, he got a little too fired up and busted some “pre-cum” (which looked a lot like real cum) before his grand finale. No problem, though. Jeremy just rubbed it onto the head of his cock and used it for lube!

When he started stroking himself up to completion, Jeremy took one last look up into the camera which seemed to push him over the edge. “Fuck, yea, I’m gonna cum,” he whispered just before unleashing a pool of jizz that covered his stomach.

jeremy-sw2 jeremy-sw3jeremy-sw4jeremy-sw5 >jeremy-sw6


Apr 26

FraternityX Boys Have A Raw Gay Threesome


When the guys come in from a quick game of shirts vs skins football they catch frat brother Angelo with his face buried in a pair of their used underwear. The boys then decide to give him some really fresh smelly crotch to sniff and shove his head into their cocks. After Angelo finished servicing his frat brothers Kev and Jensen’s hard dick it was time for some ass stuffing. Angelo and Jensen strip naked and sit on the couch with their legs high in the air as Kev takes turns plunging his raw cock into each of their holes. Once he finished going back and fourth between their butt holes he dumped his load on the boys breading their freshly fucked holes.



Apr 17

College Hunk Pounds His Twink Buddies Little Hole

College hunk fucks a twink - 6
Hot new blond twink Stefan Nash spots brunette hunk Austin Ried at the beach and can’t resist going over for a closer look. The two get hot and heavy; Austin starts out rimming Stefan’s sexy boy hole before plowing it with his rock hard cock. But Austin is also a generous lover who takes a break to get on his knees and suck Stefan’s pecker like it was a lollypop. After letting Stefan enjoy himself Austin resumes relentlessly pounding Stefan’s tight little hole. With Austin’s giant cock about to burst he flips Stefan over and dumps his seed all over the hungry cum slut’s face.

College hunk fucks a twink - 1 College hunk fucks a twink - 2 College hunk fucks a twink - 3 College hunk fucks a twink - 4 College hunk fucks a twink - 5


Apr 08

Fratmen Niko Unleashes His Thick Dick

Super cute and very horny new Fratmen model Niko gives us a great cock tugging session! This 18 year old blond boy is bisexual with a stunning body and a nice fat cock that is quick to arouse! Just moments after the camera is running this sexy frat boy pops his thick dick from his fly and begins to give it some much needed attention.


Mar 27

Pledge Boys Fuck On The Dirty Dormitory Floor

With dormitory filled with horny college boys there are bound to be some jokes being played. This time it two unsuspecting frat pledges that find themselves blindfolded kissing one another. They think there locking lips with another girl until they remove those blindfolds to an eye opening discovery. With the promise of being excepting into their favorite fraternity these pledges will do anything it takes including some boy-on-boy butt sex. I never can get enough of watching these boys fuck on that messy dorm room floor!

Mar 21

Southern Exhibitionist Boy Finger Fucks His Ass While Jerking

Today’s frat boy is a sexy young southern country boy with a open mind and a real exhibitionist streak! Cash Walker is just the newest young stud to get naked on the Southern Strokes Ranch and he performs like a real porn pro. Once he is down to his underwear Cash begins stroking his package working up a nice sized boner for his debut on camera.

After a short time Cash his bulging at his briefs and pulls out his big cock for some even more fun. Once naked Cash wastes no time in getting to work jerking off and exploring his tight little asshole. The faster he jerks the deeper his fingers slide into his ass. Soon all that tugging on his fat cock has it’s reward and he shoots out a nice load of cum all over his flat stomach!

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