Oct 22

Horny Frat Freshmen Takes On Multiple cocks


Tales fro a frat boy gang bang. Eight of us got stoned sat around and waited for frat freshmen Sean to get on his knees and start sucking dick. This kid sucked a dick like no other wrapping his lips around all those cocks before bending over to be the official frat bitch. Each of the horny straight frat guys took a turn fucking that gay boy ass. Sean loved every inch of all those long cocks and even allow them all to dump their loads in his raw ass hole.

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Oct 08

Athletic College Boy Jerks His Fat Cock


Dustin is the type of sweet loveable jock you just want to cuddle and fuck all day long. This sex athletic college boy is flawless in his beauty and with a nice fat cock this kid has it all. After modeling shirtless outside Dustin strips down naked inside and we are treated to all of his gorgeous nude physique. This cute college twink gets pretty intense while jerking his thick cock and after some wrist work he gushes out a nice large cum shot for us.
dustin_sc2 dustin_sc3 dustin_sc4 dustin_sc5 dustin_sc6

Oct 04

Cock Hungry Gay College Boys Flip-Flip Fuck


This sizzling scene begins with a hot make out session and these two can’t wait to get started. They grab each other’s junk as they exchange some deep kisses, getting one another worked up and rock hard. Finally their boxers come off and we get a peek at their big cocks, ready for action after their delicious make out session. Ryan Powell goes down on Ian Dempsey first, eager to feel that big cock down this throat as Ian runs his hand through Ryan’s hair. Ryan takes his time with Ian, kissing his way up and down Ian’s long shaft and savoring his delectable taste. Ian can’t seem to get enough of Ryan’s wet mouth on his dick as he closes his eyes in ecstasy. But Ryan’s in for a treat as well as the two switch positions and Ian gets on his knees, taking Ryan’s big cock in his mouth. He deepthroats Ryan’s dick and works it with his hand, making sure not to neglect any part of Ryan as he takes his balls in his mouth as well. These two are definitely enjoying themselves, but the fun has just started as Ian lubes up his giant cock and slides it into Ryan’s tight little ass. Ian goes slowly at first, giving Ryan time to adjust to his length and girth before picking up the pace. Ryan is enjoying his position as bottom while Ian continues to pump him full of his big dick. These two keep things hot as Ian leans forward and kisses Ryan while he continues to fuck him before switching positions, with Ian on bottom now. Ryan fucks Ian doggy style, pounding him faster as Ian plays with his own cock. Ian gets on his back and Ryan doesn’t hesitate to stick his dick inside Ian’s tight ass, fucking him nice and deep as Ian works his own cock with his hand. They both kick it up a notch and Ian gets himself off, shooting his load while Ryan continues to fuck him. Ryan pulls out and cums all over Ian…these two make one hot pair!


Sep 26

College Freshmen Takes Four Big Frat Cocks Bareback


Ryan was charged with the job of finding some freshmeat for his fraternity brothers. Ryan sure did good and picked up a cute cock hungry freshmen for their house gangbang! After swallowing each of these guys cocks this young freshmen is bound to the bed with duct-tape as each of the guys that’s a turn riding him bareback.


Sep 24

Horny Gay College Boys Fuck Raw With Only Lube

College boys Sam and Trent fuck raw After sucking dick gay college boys Sam and Trent fuck

Sam tongues Trent’s tip a bit as he plays with his own dick. Trent is definitely enjoying Sam’s hot mouth on his cock as he takes it in and out, licking his way up and down Trent’s long shaft. Trent grabs Sam’s huge cock, pumping it lightly as Sam continues to suck him off. The two switch it up, exchanging some kisses before Trent goes down on Sam, taking his throbbing cock in his wet mouth, running his tongue along his long shaft. Sam holds Trent’s cock in his hand as Trent works Sam’s dick with his mouth, shoving it deep into the back of his throat. The two kiss again before Trent stands up and gets himself ready and lubed up for Sam’s huge cock, lowering his tight ass onto Sam’s waiting dick. Trent rides Sam’s cock until he lets Sam take over for a while, letting him shove his big dick deep inside. These two keep it hot as they switch positions, Trent climbing onto his back and spreading his legs, ready to take Sam’s cock again. There’s no hesitation on Sam’s part as he sticks his hard cock into Trent’s tight ass, fucking him deep and slow, enjoying every sensation. Trent plays with himself as Sam continues to fuck him, jerking his cock hard as Sam pulls his dick in and out of Trent’s ass. Trent shoots his load and then it’s Sam’s turn as he pulls out, working his cock with his hand before busting a nut right on Trent’s toned stomach.

Sep 18

College Boy Luca Tempts Us With His Flawless Naked Body

Fratmen Luca 1

The frat boy I have to share with you today may just have to drooling on your keyboard. Luca is one sexy young college boy with a tight perfectly defined body and a thick meaty cock. After stripping down his blue jeans Luca is completely naked in all his glory! After he unveils his amazing body Luca quickly gets to work stroking up a big hard cock which he beats off to a cum soaked orgasm!

Fratmen Luca 2

Sep 09

Young Freshmen Has His Pretty Boy Hole Fucked Raw

Newbie Zach was a good boy and brought home some college freshman ass for his fellow fraternity brothers to fuck. While waiting his turn for a blowjob one of the drunken boys passes out and before we know it he’s on the floor getting fucked. Each horny frat takes a turn dropping a fresh load into his sweet pretty boy hole.


Sep 03

Sexy Young Gay Jock Tugs His Thick Dick


Today I have for you all to drool over a sexy young jock by then name of Duncan. This hot stud tells us in his interview the type of man that he likes and reveals that he is indeed a bit nervous about his first time porn shoot. Once naked we get to view this gay boys amazing body and nice thick cock that is immediately ready for action! Duncan teases us a little with some views of his asshole while jerking bent over before turn back around and finishing himself off.


Aug 16

Italian Teenage Stud Jerks Naked On Camera


You know 18 year old Dominic must be a popular boy at home. He has himself a hot face, and hot build. Not relying on those alone to win over the ladies, he’s also an artist. If Dominic’s not working out, he’s writing music and being that creative type we all know the college girls swoon over. I’m sure there is no shortage of gay boys swooning over him as well.

I’m sure he writes some great stuff, but we’re a bit more interested in that butt once we get our first glimpse of it! His tight young body is complemented by a taut and firm ass, and at the front is a big dick and some perfectly proportioned balls to go with it. Dominic has recently started hitting up the gym twice a day, and it shows with that tone teenage body. That he’s got the natural assets to go with it all make him quite the catch!

dominic18_corbinfisher002 dominic18_corbinfisher003

Aug 09

Horny Blonde Boys Johnny and Adam Fuck Raw

Johnny Forza fucks Adam Baer raw

The last time I saw Johnny Forza and Adam Baer together they where fucking in the pool. Today their dry but manage to work up quite a sweet in the bedroom for this second encounter. What could be hotter then two horny young blonde boys eager to get inside each others pants!

Once both boys where naked they waste no time in downing each others big hard cocks. Johnny Forza was the first to go down on Adam, giving him on amazing blowjob. Adam was eager to return the favor and took Johnny’s tool deep down his throat.

Next with Adam on his hands and knees, Johnny lubes up his raw dick and slowly slide it deep in that tight hole. All Adam can do his whimper as Johnny speeds up his relentless ass pounding. The boys then try out a new even hotter sex position with Adam squatting down on Johnny’s long pole.

Adam then turns around and gushes out a thick creamy load onto Johnny Forza’s muscular stomach and chest. Finally Johnny withdraws from Adam’s ass just seconds before blasting a tarrific cum shot straight onto Adam’s nack and face! Don’t miss watching this amazing bareback blonde boy encounter!

Johnny Forza fucks Adam Baer raw 2


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